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The Part with the FAQ’s

How Much Do you Charge?

Prices for all my sessions start at $200. Total cost depends on how many people are in your party, and possible travel fees. Please contact me with your specific ideas and questions and I can give you the specific information you need!

Can I Get A Discount?

I get it. I’ve come from a single income family, and the investment to take professional family portraits can be so daunting. For your session you aren’t just getting me for 1-2 hours. I spend time before hand making sure our location is perfect. We’ll spend time planning your outfits (if you want my help), and I spend time after our session compiling your gallery. So while we may be together personally for a couple hours, I actually spend about 6 hours for each client. So I cannot offer you a discount, but I can help you find someone who might be more in your price range.

What Do We Wear?

I have a post about that here! The info in that post is just a small snippet of what you’ll get when you book a session with me. I’ll send you a whole pdf style guide upon booking, and I am always available for texting ideas back and forth to help you find the perfect ensembles.

How Do I Book You?

You can contact me directly through email: lauralaberteaux@yahoo.com We’ll talk about pricing, dates and times and make sure it all works out 😉 Once you are ready to book I’ll send you a deposit request via VenMo. Once you pay the deposit you’re booked!

How Many Images Do I Get?

This depends on the session type. A couple will get 15+. A family will get 20+.

Where Will We Go For Our Session?

I have 4 spots I really love to shoot at in the Arcadia, San Dimas, Claremont and Chino Areas. If you have a different spot in mind, let’s try it! A thing to take into consideration is photography permits. Many beautiful places or gardens require a purchased permit. If you want that let me know so I can add it to your session price.

What Time is Best?

Photographers tend to be obsessed with lighting. Due to this I shoot in the evenings or the early morning. Starting your session about an hour before sunset is the best time. You’ll get some lovely crisp shots when we start and then as the light softens we’ll get the pretty shots that seem to glow (my favorite kind!) If you prefer mornings (babies and kids tend to do better in the AM) shooting right around 8 AM -or earlier-is ideal.

When Will I Get My Pictures?

You’ll get a sneak peek on Facebook and IG within one week of your session. You will get your digital copies within 2 weeks.

I’d Like to Bring My Parents to the Session too. Is that ok?

Parents, sisters, best friends are all welcome to tag along. They can be great helpers! Please just know they are not to give direction during the session and I ask that they tag me or my business in anything they might post online or social media. If you want them in the pictures (not just as a buddy to bring along) mention them in during our emails so I can properly plan our session.

What Should I Bring?

Whatever you’d like! I am always up for an adventure. Dogs, bikes, quilts, it should be all good. We’ll talk about it 🙂

My Husband Really Doesn’t Like Taking Pictures. What Can I Do?

I have found that by letting my husband know that something is really important to me, he’ll go with it. Maybe ask for these to be a present of some kind-Christmas, Birthday, etc. But when I tell my husband something matters, he’s willing to make me happy. Then once you get your man to the shoot, it’s my job to make him smile.

If any of these haven’t answered your question, please reach out! Talking photography and helping my clients is one of my favorite things!


September 27, 2019

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