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I Love: Love

I was trying to think of my favorite sort of session. Is it the engagements with the glamorous dresses and the sparkling rings? Or the family sessions with the giggles and the adorable coordinating outfits?

Vincent Van Goh said: “I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”

and PT Barnum said that “The noblest art is that of making others happy”

I have the great privilege of capturing love. Of seeing it raw and real. I LOVE that about my job. As a mom it’s hard for me to see above water sometimes. I’m sure all moms would agree. So I am always so grateful to step outside my own little bubble and see the joys and interactions of other families.

In the end of trying to pick a favorite session, I decided that I couldn’t pick a favorite type. Family sessions and engagement/couple sessions are so different from each other. One is exciting because of the freshness- or renewals- of love, and the other is exciting because life with littles is always an adventure! I decided that my favorite sort of session is the kind where the love just can’t be contained within those who I have the delight to capture.

Posed pictures are lovely, and I think they are also fun. There’s nothing quite like looking at your family and seeing everyone looking their best. These can be hard for littles though, and it isn’t always reality, to sit and say “Cheese!” again and again. But I love the shots where love just can’t be denied. Sometimes we get lucky and we get both!

Amber and Brian are always a favorite couple of mine to shoot. They have 5 super fun kids, but the flame between them hasn’t extinguished a bit! Being around them is like being around two giddy sweethearts, and it is so very fun.

Michelle and Matt were the cutest bride and groom. They could not stop beaming at each other. There’s no denying their sweet love and excitement for their future together. We had a lot of fun on their morning session, and I am so excited for them!!

May we all keep our loves close. May we tell them all often that we love them dearly, and may we remember to capture our love, in any way we can.

September 30, 2019

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Laura LaBerteaux