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Michelle and Matt

I had the joy of doing a sunrise first look and bridal session a couple weeks ago. I’ve known Michelle for a long time now, I was one of her youth leaders at our church. I was beyond thrilled when she asked me to capture her big day. Matt was the one who really wanted to do the first look-and I love him for it! The first look can be such a tender moment before all the insanity of the rest of the day happens. It’s a great opportunity to connect and breathe before the exciting rush that comes after.

Matt was SO excited when he took of his blindfold, and he was not disappointed! His happiness just really comes out of his whole face!

After their first look was over, we headed over to an empty lot (yep! a lot! Making magic anywhere!) Because the area they wanted to do their portraits in was really wooded, and at 6 in the morning still very dark. So we chased the light until the woods had cleared up a bit and were rewarded with some very fresh, golden light!

When the sun was a little higher in the sky we got to go into our woods, and it was so fun! There was actually high schoolers doing cross country practice that morning, and things like that -where you think you’ll be alone, but then you aren’t-are always an adventure!

Thank you, Michelle and Matt for letting me capture your special day! Love you!

October 9, 2019

  1. Susan Wall

    October 22nd, 2019 at 5:14 am

    Beautiful!! Love you Michelle!!

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