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Laura LaBerteaux

Ulrich Family

I met up with the Ulrich family on a cool and gorgeous morning last month and they were just the best! It’s not easy to show up and smile for someone who don’t know, and the girls just did awesome. Towards the end they were dragging a bit-and who could blame them-so we did a ‘secret mission’ to get our last few shots with mom, and they did great! As a reward I gave them each an balloon (which they could blow up after the session). I keep balloons handy in my bag these days- they are perfect for lifting the spirits of tired little ones.

There is a reason we stick mamas and kiddos in lavender whenever we can-it’s so calming! If you’ve got little ones, I don’t have to tell you a session like this can seem daunting-you already know! But taking it on and making it an adventure is so important. These little people only stay little for so long and capturing everyone together is a priceless gift to have.

Thanks so much Ulrich family for coming out and spending time with me!

May 12, 2021

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Laura LaBerteaux