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Newport California Temple Family Portraits- Clarke & Johnson

In May, Rose and Wyatt were sealing in the Newport Temple! Here are their family bridals from that wonderful day. Thanks to it still being the time of small gatherings, this was a small party-family only! The light at this time (at about 3:30) was just perfect. We had the grounds all to ourselves, and it was a happy time!

These photos are particularly special to me because the groom is my nephew! I have so many happy memories of him as a little guy-being about 10 years younger than me-he has always had an infectious smile and sense of humor and is just so good to be around. I am so happy for him and Rose, his bride. I hadn’t met Rose until the day of the wedding, and she is the sweetest. A match made in heaven, I have no doubt.

Happy Sealing day, you two!!

Tip! There are so many groups to try to remember to photograph on your wedding day. Make a list ahead of time of every possible group you want to have a picture of, and that will make portraits go so much smoother!

Their day was a long one! A brunch, the ceremony, pictures, a quick dinner and then the reception. I’ll be blogging all of those soon and will add links to them when they are up!

July 30, 2021

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