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Laura LaBerteaux

Father’s Day Portraits

Sometimes I get my family all dressed up, drag them to the top of a gorgeous hill with beautiful mustard flowers, and don’t get any of the shots I want. (That’s a blog post for another day)

THEN-Other times I kind of dress them up, take them to a simple walkway, and get the most perfect pictures that make my heart so incredibly happy. Will I ever learn that simplicity wins? I sure hope so, because these are proof. These are why I take pictures. I will cherish these forever.

These are actually from a day when Roger wanted to take his drone to a favorite park of ours and fly it around. I figured if we were all going to a park to hang out, I could get some portraits done. I take lots of pictures of people, but I don’t really pull my ‘big girl camera’ out during daily life- and I am so glad I did this time!

Our house may be constantly loud, busy, and exhausting, but good grief; I am so grateful for this portion of heaven I get to have here on Earth.

August 3, 2021

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Laura LaBerteaux