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LaBerteaux Family Portraits

Family pictures! Getting family portraits done can seem like such a chore in so many ways-finding the time, picking the clothes, getting family members on board, distracting unhappy family members…there are so many things!! But it’s always so worth it. These images will be around forever, and eventually the chaos of it all will be forgotten, or remembered with a chuckle and maybe an eye roll. But mostly the memories remembered are the happy ones and I love when we gather together to look at the pictures with ooo’s and aaah’s, with exclamations of how grown-up everyone is and yearnings for little hands to hold.

These pictures will be cherished by our family for generations, and I am so glad that we have them. I’m so grateful for a family that let’s us (my sister in law and I) dress them up a bit, and corral them into pictures!

The picture above with those wiggly babies on their daddies shoulders is my favorite one from the afternoon. Is there a more honest photo of what it’s like to do family pictures with littles?! Our location was a gorgeous open space and the littlest in our party just wanted to run!!

Everyone is getting older!!

These two were a handful during pictures! We were SO excited about their matching outfits, and then could hardly get them to be still for more than a couple seconds. I finally busted out some balloons that I keep in my bag for family portraits, and they stopped moving!

If you’re looking for extended family portraits or family mini’s for the fall, please feel free to reach out!

August 31, 2021

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